Have You Ever Felt…Broken?

yellow pencil on gray wooden surface

I’m not having an existential crisis, or at least I’d like to think not. I’m just wondering if you’ve ever felt this way too?

Let me explain “feeling broken”. Those moments, or ongoing series of moments, when “the you” analyzes your behaviors and tendency to repeat the things you know you should stop doing?

Whatever it is. Those life habits we all have, based on our own experiences. Specifically, the ones we know we should cut out of our lives for our own betterment.

I was feeling like this recently and the word broken was the only way to describe it at that moment (in my head). That sounds so desperate. So finite.

So not what I want for myself. So not a mindset I will ever adopt.

If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m an eternal optimist by nature. Always looking for the good in life. No matter what.

Even when, and maybe especially when, I’m in my lowest depths of self-loathing and defeat, it’s important to remember that we are what we think of ourselves. Above all else.