Memorial Weekend 2018

It was a busy week. I felt accomplished and productive at work and life. Booyah!

It was also the last week of school for the boys. Milestone achieved. Emotions. 🙂

The kitchen has always been a sore spot in the house. It’s not dysfunctional but definitely not ideal, both in color and organization. It was time to make a dent in that project.

The walls are beige which isn’t so bad in and of itself but mixed with the dark brown cabinets and the drab cabinet doors, which look like they’re slightly dingy from cigarette smoke but they’re not. It’s been 10 years in this house and the former owners loved browns and golds ..

When we bought the house the first thing I did was paint the living room a beach green and the dining room a grey-blue. I also added a brighter purple-blue accent to the wall containing the passthrough to the kitchen.

Once the colors for the kitchen were chosen I prepped everything including the garage where I needed to create space for freshly removed cabinet doors to dry after they were painted.

Everything was cleaned and coated with primer and then painted a lighter grey-white with just a hint of blue. To give it an accent, I painted the molding on the kitchen ceiling a darker grey.

The colors turned out great, and holy shit, the kitchen looks much brighter and more inviting! Dad wins!

On to the cabinet hardware, knobs and hinges. A bit of an adventure. First, there aren’t enough choices at Lowe’s and Home Depot because their stock is mostly online. I get it.

Second, I didn’t find out until I was reinstalling the cabinet doors that the exact match hinges I thought I had, weren’t quite an exact fit. After going from confused, to flustered, to working the problem, all I needed to do was make new holes. No problem.

I stopped reinstalling everything when I realized that of the two sets of double cabinet doors available to me, I mismatched the first set. And obviously, they didn’t fit together. Nothing a beer and a bad movie, and a good nights sleep, won’t solve. 🙂

Also, I wrote something. Yay:)

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