I Love Talking to My Kids

Probably like any parent I suppose but damn, my heart is fuller after every conversation. Even the argumentative ones.

What kind of monster truck do you want?

I just came from our bedroom where my son has been watching videos of monster truck toys. He’s been pushing the bedtime limits and tonight he won. It’s almost 11pm. But you know what? It’s OK…tonight anyway;)

His fourth birthday is in four days and he’s excited. Oh, and he loves most any kind of truck, those of the big-wheeled or nobby-tired nature especially. As the bedtime battle when back and forth, he told me about the trucks he liked and why he liked them.

I want one of these that you put wood in. You know, the ones with the big long wood and the chains that hold them on?

He was talking about a tree hauler. He then went on to tell me about blue pickup trucks and last night it was a dune buggy motorcycle.

Getting to know them. You know, another human.

That’s what gets lost most when you talk about children to some people. Much of the discussion can tend to revolve around behavior or they’re the latest funny statement. But when you’ve spent a lot of time with another human being, that you’re responsible for teaching them about¬†everything,¬†including how to communicate effectively…well, it’s just awe-inspiring sometimes.

And oh, the things they can teach us. My sons teach me something new every day. I’m so thankful for them. I love you guys.

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