Here I am.

Hi. I'm me and this is a website you're reading. It's a blog. It's an outlet. It's a glimpse into…me. Or maybe it isn't.


I have a feeling but I'm not certain I have the answer. At least not one answer. The easiest explanation I can offer as I write this is that I just need to do it. It's been brewing for a long time.

What's Next?

I don't know. Honestly. I have intentions, but I have intentions to do a lot of things. And it's been proven that my intention to write more and share my thoughts (publicly) has started and stopped more than once.

There's a lot of reasons why. Perhaps you feel the same?

  • Is this a useless exercise? Does it even matter?
  • Will someone take exception to one of my opinions?
  • Will I expose some part of my psyche I don't want people to know?
  • Am I overthinking this? 

Keeping It Simple

And positive. Hey look at that, I'm almost done with my first thoughts. Maybe I'll publish this and do it again.

I'm me. Like you, just a talking human.

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