Amazon Prime Video Series Review: Comrade Detective.

We cut cable about two months ago and since then, I’ve been exploring Amazon Prime more deeply. Yesterday I decided to browse the service and add some titles to My List in anticipation of some upcoming travel…that being a story for another time.

For now, Amazon Prime review! Yay!

Oh, and before I forget, Amazon Prime Video just updated their UX and it’s SO much better. I’d commented the other day about their menu system being so hard (and annoying) to navigate, so this was a welcome update. Nice work Amazon team!

This Starts with an Origin Story

Where was I? Oh yeah, so a series named Comrade Detective caught my eye because of the show description. It was originally made in the 1980’s. In the height of the Cold War where propaganda from both sides were at play, 80’s fashion was admittedly pretty damn slick and sexy, and the Romanian cars were super sweet.

The story of this show gets more interesting. The original master films were lost in the ruins of the Berlin Wall. Just take that in for a second. A popular TV Cop Show, made in Romania in the sometime in 1980’s, is buried under concrete and rubble somewhere and it gets revived. Some 30 years later.

Are ya ready for more? And this is also important. The series is subtitled. It features the voices of Channing Tatum, Nick Offerman and others.

That’s a lot to take in and I was a little suspicious of even starting a subtitled show. But as you can guess, I went for it.

And I’m glad I did.

It’s the story of two detectives, brought together by their mutual friend, who was also a partner to one of them.

Got it. Let’s move on 🙂

Episode One: The Invisible Hand

The first episode takes a two-part approach, the first 30 minutes set up the tragedy of a detective losing his partner, with the remaining 30 establishing the relationship with his new partner. Who, by the way, is a childhood friend (and also a detective) of the deceased.

The Cinematography is Impressive.

Once I got past the show’s opening sequence of the detective walking through some dancing teens and providing his own smooth spin move (which was almost superhuman by the way), I quickly noticed the way this was filmed . So much so that I kept wondering what 1980’s year, exactly, that is was filmed in. The camera techniques looked much more modern than the typical American 80’s movies I’m accustomed to…and that’s a lot;)

The Acting is Great

The acting quickly becomes believable once I was able to separate the voices of actors I know from their faces and reattach them to these other actors. One of the characters (the proverbial bad cop) takes his interrogations to the extreme but it not graphic.

The Bottom Line

If you use Amazon Prime Video, you should check this one out. The first half-hour is a little rough while you get the set up, but stick with it. Especially with the show’s history in mind.

Let’s see what episode two and beyond have in store!

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